About Us

We write sing-along storybooks with original music and imaginative characters. We provide free viewing online, or you can purchase a paperback copy for your home library. We also post free printable coloring pages that go with our stories! As a family-run business, we love everything imaginary, educational, and just plain fun!
Mission Statement
Our goal is to inspire creativity, encourage playfulness, foster family relations, and be awesome.  Kids look at the world differently and quite frankly, we believe they get it right most of the time.  We love learning from kids, and we aspire to replace the self-conscious with self-confidence, logic with magic, and boring with epic. When we grow up, we still want to be kids.

Gordon True

Gordon is a songwriter and software engineer.  He lives in Utah with his beautiful wife and four children (who help keep him a kid at heart).


Lynette Garner
Lynette is a photographer and illustrator.  She and her husband Kenn are the parents of 8 beautiful children and 15 perfect grandchildren.  Her favorite thing to do is go on childhood adventures with her grandkids while their parents are out being adults.


Stephanie Garner
Stephanie is a musician and songwriter.  She enjoys hiking, playing guitar, and all forms of tomfoolery or shenanigans! She also writes silly, short, educational songs for children, parents, and teachers to enjoy which you can find in the Wiggle Giggle Sing section of our site, or on her YouTube channel.


  • Lorna says:

    I love how you want to instil self confidence and replace logic with magic! We need more creative thinkers in the world and I’m so grateful we have the three of you! I really love your books!

  • Carol says:

    Is it my understanding – does each book come with a music cd? Thanks

    • Stephanie says:

      Sorry, I just barely saw this comment. The books do not come with a cd or mp3. Unfortunately, books and music are currently sold separately. You can totally buy a book and then read it alongside our YouTube video though.

  • Becky Williams says:

    Hi there- I found you guys while researching art lesson plans (I hope to teach next year) and will be spending some time with your songs tonight with my 2 girls, who are in 2nd and Kindergarten. I think the songs are magic. the ABCs, manners and the pout pout fish (what got me here originally) are all wonderful- keep it up! Every kindergarten teacher I know is going to hear about you!

  • Traci Champion says:

    How can I get the pout pout fish songs. Those are my sons favorite books and we watch your YouTube videos all the time. I would love to down load them and play them in the car too. We LOVE them.

    • Stephanie says:

      We don’t have them available for purchase or download currently, but I’ll definitely talk to Gordon and let him know you asked about it!

  • Margaret says:

    Just to say thank you for the Pout Pout Fish song. My daughter loves the book and we read it every day. We found the song recently and she thinks it is wonderful. She wanted to know the name of the man who is singing, so I told her and now every day she tells me that she likes Gordon True and his songs! She wanted to see his photo and know if he is “a daddy”. We lives in France, so these songs are now being enjoyed all over the world, Thank you.

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