Check out the stories and songs behind Tyler Rexton, Little Monkey, and The Really Silly Robot!

FREE printable masks from SingAStory!

1.Click on the image of your choice to get the full-sized version

2. Print out the picture* (card stock works best)

3. Cut out eye holes and hole-punch the small white circles on either side of the character’s head

4. Measure and tie some string, ribbon, elastic, etc. through the holes one either side

5. Get into character

                   *Note: Make sure your printer is oriented to landscape, not portrait.
FREE printable masks from SingAStory!FREE printable masks from SingAStory!










Color Your Own

dino mask big - BW monkey mask big - BW robot mask big - BW






dino mask big - CLRmonkey mask big - CLRrobot mask big - CLR


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