Really Silly Robot – Paper Doll

Check out the sing-along story behind The Really Silly Robot! Then come back and get in on the action.

FREE Printable - Really Silly Robot Paper Doll!


We are SO excited to present to you The Really Silly Robot Paper Doll! Yay! But boys, don’t be scared off. This isn’t your average dress-up paper doll. Oh no! This is a dancing, silly, adventure puppet! Make the robot do fun dance moves. Make a stop-motion video. Take pictures of him going to the playground with you. Can he climb a tree? Play guitar? There are no limits on the fun to be had! Enjoy your new really silly friend and submit your pictures.


Really Silly paper dollReally Silly paper doll







1. Click on desired PDF at the bottom of this post

2. Print it out

3. (Color if desired and) cut out the Really Silly Robot parts

4. Fasten the various pieces with brads

5. Do the Really Silly Robot dance and go on some fun adventures!

6. Take pictures of your Really Silly paper doll in action and submit them to us for a chance to be featured on “I Got the Really Silly Robot“!


Robot Paper Doll (colored)

Robot Paper Doll (black and white)

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