Submit your artwork to SingAStory!

Okay, we are issuing an open invitation to our young friends: Send us your original drawings of

1) one or more of our characters or

2) an original character you would like to see us use in a future project

by emailing us at with “Submissions” in the subject line. Feel free to include as much information about your picture as you want, and make sure to include the artist’s name as you would like it to be credited (first name, initials, age, place of residence, etc.).

We will go through all submissions and select a few pictures that inspire and impress us to feature on our site. And who knows, you may even inspire our next song!

*Please note that by submitting, you are authorizing us to post the image with the information provided and granting us rights to use the intellectual property of any new characters in future songs and/or stories with credit given to the original creator of said artwork.


Look at what you drew! 


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