FREE Valentine printables from SingAStory!

Valentines are awesome, because they are a fun creative way to show you love someone. We love you guys, so we thought that we would take a shot at helping spread the love this year. With these free printables, you can either A) just write an adorably personal note on the inside, or B) make an awesomely cute and clever candy gram. Plus, these valentines include hours of fun, because we put our website on the back. That means lots of fun sing-along videos, coloring pages, etc. Okay, let’s get started!


FREE Valentine printables from SingAStory! FREE Valentine printables from SingAStory!Instructions

1.Click on the image of your choice to get the full-sized version

2. Print out the picture (make sure your printer is oriented to “landscape”, not “portrait”)

3. Cut out the rectangles and fold on the dotted line


4. Place candy or write your note inside the “tent” and staple or tape the bottom closed

5. Fill out the “To”/”From” boxes

6. Give it to a friend!




Color Your Own

rockin' vday lucky vday ewe vday







rockin' vday - colored1lucky vday - coloredewe vday - colored


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